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Did you guys know that the first outcome on page one receives more than a third of all Google search traffic?


If you really want people to click on your content, it must rank in the first few results — and it must make it into the top ten results to obtain any huge traffic at all. So, how can you ensure that your pages appear in the first page of search results?


Of course, with search engine optimization (SEO)


SEO refers to a wide range of strategies used to improve your standings, but it isn’t always the easiest thing to understand.


Luckily, there’s a few items you can do to boost your SEO and attract more visitors.


Many tactics and tools are used in SEO by SEO experts India, but very few stand out for their mixture of simplicity and effectiveness. Here are eight simple SEO hacks to improve your rankings from top SEO services companies.


1. Long-tail keywords should be targeted.

A successful SEO campaign begins with keyword integration.


You must target specific keywords that people are searching for and also include those keywords in your textual material to have a good chance of ranking for any Google search. It is critical that you select the appropriate keywords.


Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are those that are a few words long besides just one. These are the best keywords to aim for because they have a particular search purpose, so you understand what users are looking for when they search for them.


Long-tail keywords can be found by entering pertinent shorter key phrases into a tool and choosing from the outcomes!


2. Create evergreen content and update the existing pieces

Another simple way of improving SEO is to start creating evergreen content as frequently as possible.


Just as evergreen trees keep fresh and coloured when other trees turn brown, evergreen content remains important and applicable when other substances become outdated. The goal is to create content that will be pertinent several years from now.


This includes avoiding any relatively short, recent trends that will date your content in the future. Of course, no one can foresee the outcome perfectly, and some things will still be obsolete. When this occurs, make sure to go back and keep updating it so that it continues to drive traffic.


3. Pay attention to the user’s search intent.

Keywords are a useful tool to improve your rankings, but simply inserting them into your content does not guarantee results.


To prioritize on page one, you must create content that meets user search intent, or why people search for the keywords you’re targeting.


By reading the results that are presently ranking at the top, you can determine what the search query  is.


4. Image optimization

To enhance SEO, you must optimize more than just the text on your website. You should also spend time optimizing your images. The first step in optimizing your website’s images is to compress them. These might come too much for you, the best is to hire affordable SEO services.


When image files are too big, they slow down the loading speed of your page, causing many users to click the delete button instead of waiting.


Image Optimization Basics

This behavior tells Google that your site isn’t pertinent in search engine results. You could also use alt tags, which are short, writing descriptive blurbs that you connect to your images.


5. Acquire high-quality backlinks.

Backlinks are among the most efficient Google ranking hacks — in fact, backlinks are the most important influential factor on Google.


Backlinks are external websites that point to your content. You should strive to obtain a few high-quality inbound links for each piece of content you publish on your website.


When Google notices that a reputed and reliable site has connected to you, it considers you to be reputable too though, and your ranking rises.


To obtain backlinks, simply contact reputable third-party websites. The best way to accomplish this is to identify broken links in their existing stuff and suggest replacement links, which can also be from your own.


6. Craft captivating titles and meta descriptions.

Part of the reason you would like to score higher is to have more traffic, but it appears to work in both directions — when a page obtains a lot of traffic, it rises in the rankings.


As a consequence, you must make sure that your content is appealing to users when it would seem in search engine results, and headlines are a great place to start.


Users tend to click on your title tag if it sounds juicy and captivating.


You can accomplish this by attracting users to your site with numbers and enticing adjectives (“6 Amazing Reasons to…”).


Keep these title tags to 60 characters or less and to include your main keyword. You should include an overview of the page in your meta tags.


Keep meta descriptions to 150 words or less and, once again, involve your main keyword. These are tips from the SEO expert India.


7. Make use of responsive design.

Responsive web design is one of the most important Google ranking hacks to enact. In fact, it’s more than a hack; it’s a necessity.


Responsive design is the process of optimizing your website for both mobile and desktop formats so that it displays correctly on mobiles, tablet devices, and computer systems.


Google ranks sites based on their mobile format, which is why responsive design is so important.


responsive website design benefits

Even if you have the most perfect in every way desktop web design in the universe, you will not rank if your website does not work too on cell devices.


8. Create a Google Business Profile.

The majority of your SEO efforts should be focused on optimizing your website’s content, but there is another attempt to portray naturally in search results. When you create a Google Business Profile profile for your corporation, you will be more likely to appear in local searches.


GBP allows you to share data such as your location, contact details, and working hours.


When people are searching for a biz like this in one‘s area, Search engine will show this data in local search engine results.


You can generate more local leads for your business by trying to claim your local listing and by appointing a SEO expert India.



Looking for the best yet simple SEO hacks to skyrocket your google ranking? Well, this piece has got your back. To learn more about the same, stick to the piece till the end.